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Amisha N Shroff, DDS

Amisha N Shroff, DDS

Dr. Amisha Shroff graduated from dental school in 2002 with honors from the Howard University. Prior to establishing her own practice, Dr. Shroff practiced as an associate dentist with Sterling Dental Associates.

Dr. Shroff philosophy is to stress preventative dental care in order to contribute to the attainment of good oral health for today as well as tomorrow. She believes it is far better to prevent diseases than to simply treat them once they occur. Dr. Shroff engages each patient in the co-discovery and realization of their level of health, allowing for choices while providing comprehensive quality care. Dr. Shroff aspires to use the latest dental technology and advanced dental techniques to create a friendly, relaxed, and pain-free environment.

Her philosophy also includes giving patients various options for the dental treatment. She explains each option, carefully listing the pros and cons of each option, individually and lets the patient select the treatment.

Dr. Shroff has been practicing in the Washington, DC greater metropolitan area since 2002 and has owned and operated her current practices since 2003. She attends many continuing education courses in order to keep current with the latest advances in concepts, techniques, and materials in the field of modern dentistry.

She actively participates with community health fairs every year such as Jain temple, BAPS, AMEN Adventist church.